Within a week in half I was walking completely normal.

Dr. Caroline Von Fluegge was recommended to me by my Doctor, Dr. Julia Combs. I was having severe lower back pain. They told me it was sciatic nerve. I could not walk at all. Very very difficult to be walking, a lot of pain. I think I was around 25 weeks, and I had been very activity throughout my entire pregnancy. All the sudden I was unable, not only could I not run, but I could barely walk. I was in a lot, a lot of pain. I couldn’t even do normal things like walking around the mall, or shopping, grocery shopping was very painful. So I started coming to Dr. Caroline and within the first appointment it definitely was better and within a week in half I was walking completely normal! Now I am 40 weeks pregnant and I am about to deliverer and I can completely do everything I was doing before! I am so grateful for her. Her knowledge is amazing! She specializes in pregnant women and young children and that’s very unique. I am very grateful I met her. She really completely changed my pregnancy! I have nothing but wonderful things to say about her! I would recommend any women that is pregnant that is having any type of issues. Even if you don’t have any issues, maybe just to stay on track. Come see Dr. Caroline! She’ll help you out! – Christy W.