Everyone needs a Dr. Caroline in their life.

I am delighted to recommend Dr. Caroline to you. We first met in January 2015 when she adjusted the young children I was working with as their nanny. I was impressed by her care and the gentle way in which she adjusted them. I asked her if she would be able to help me being that I am overweight, have a gimpy knee under the threat of knee replacement, and an ankle full of metal from previous surgeries.

We stated off with regular visits and through talking I came to understand that everything connects. You just can’t treat one thing without getting everything else to balance. It made sense! With her encouragement I started the nutritional detox program and since have completed it twice.

Dr. Caroline regularly adjusted whichever parts of my body need help the most on a particular day. As a result, I have lost some weight, have become more agile, and have less pain in my knee. I know have a better understanding of my personal needs and what I need to do to maintain the progress that I have made.

I am no longer in Atlanta and I’m looking for someone who shares the same philosophy here in the UK. Yesterday I saw my consultant rheumatologist here and told him what I had been doing – all of which he heartily approves of. The good news is that my knee is in better shape than it was when I first started to seeing him.

Everyone needs a Dr. Caroline in their life. I encourage you to take the first step – she will meet you more than halfway and with her incredible knowledge and tremendous sense of responsibility and humor. You too will find yourself in a better place! – Jennie H.