The best way to describe it is that my brain was back “on track” after being out of alignment for many years.

While I am only in my 40’s, I have struggled for many years with deteriorating memory, brain function and ability to concentrate. I felt like my once youthful, sharp brain had taken a vacation (maybe permanently) and was replaced by something more scattered — a brain that no longer enabled me to reach my peak at work, home and generally with my interaction with others.

While I have been able to get by for many years, I was recently promoted at work to a much more high profile job with 7 direct reports globally. Complicating my situation was brain fog, especially in the mornings, which made it difficult for me to maximize my productivity at work. I often found it difficult to focus while people were talking to me, worried that I would not “get” what they were saying to me. Conversations that I had with the employees reporting to me were forgotten by the next day. Projects at work began taking longer than they should have, and people began to notice that my efficiency was not as good as it should be. This caused me to stay later at work or even get up early to finish incomplete work. This meant less time with my children and husband which then created a whole host of additional complications. I knew I needed help but was not sure where to turn to or how to make things better. I tried seeing a holistic doctor who recommended supplements and probiotics, but I felt like this was only a bandaid.

The final trigger was when I met my colleague’s husband at work and a month later I saw him again and I had no recollection of ever meeting him. I knew I needed to do something about my deteriorating brain condition before my job or family life really started to unravel. In addition, I had a major work related exam that I had to take in a few months, so what better timing to try to kick my brain into high gear. I had a friend who was doing Biofeedback and had experienced positive results. I decided to give it a try.

I stumbled across Balance Atlanta by sheer luck. I had run across a brochure from Dr. Caroline, and was intrigued by how she focused on the complete body healing to maximize results by working on the brain and the body through nutrition, chiropractic and biofeedback. The program made sense, and I decided to try all three at once.

After meeting with Dr Caroline, she confirmed what I already knew deep down – that nutrition is very much linked to brain function and that in order to maximize results with the Biofeedback we needed to do a complete detox of my body. We started the nutrition and biofeedback in February and the results were immediate – within two weeks I noticed a difference. My brain began calm down and I was able to be more focused at work. Even phycially I felt more calm – less jumping from task to task. Projects at work that used to be overwhelming to me were now more achievable. Even projects at home that I had been putting off for years were tackled. For example, for two years my closet had piles of clothes in it on the floor. After a couple weeks of biofeedback, I was able to organize everything in the closet in one night. I was also able to submit my taxes on time for the first time in years. What a difference!

As the weeks wore on and I continued with the program, I found myself better able to concentrate, the brain fog had gone away, and I began losing weight. I was able to get large work projects done during the work day rather than during the hours that should be spent with my family or on weekends. Conversations with colleagues became easier — I was no longer worried about understanding / absorbing what people were saying to me. The best way to describe it is that my brain was back “on track” after being out of alignment for many years.

Physically, my appearance began to improve as well — the dark circles under my eyes lessened, my eyes became brighter, and my constantly chapped lips began to get better. Overall my face had a more healthy appearance which was a nice added benefit that I was not expecting.

I attribute these improvements to taking a holistic approach to my health by focusing on nutrition, brain health, and chiropractic. Dr. Caroline is extremely knowledgable about all of these, and by using her experience, she helped me to achieve top physical and mental health. Thanks Dr. C for all your help and commitment to improving my health! You have helped me so much with my job, passing my important exam, and most importantly, time with my family. – Jennifer G.