I wanted to prevent those situations without prescription drugs.

Over the last 15 years or more, I have experienced insomnia, acid reflux, mood swings and weight gain. I have tried to address these symptoms with the help of traditional medical practioners including general physicians, a sleep clinic, gastroenterologist, several medications, honestly, I’ve lost count.

A couple of years ago, a friend of mine shared her experiences with Alcat testing. The nutritional recommendations she was given changed her life and she lost 40 pounds as a result. I felt ready to undergo testing and follow the recommended diet so I researched local medical practioners, including nutritionists, chiropractors, obgyns etc. I spoke with a couple but when I left a message for Dr. Caroline Fluegge, she returned the call herself. She asked various questions to discern my reason for requesting the Alcat. She was interested in the other issues I was dealing with besides weight gain.

I immediately felt that she meant to dig below the surface. She asked me to complete several questionnaires that addressed general health far beyond weight. I did not expect her to address all the issues because no one ever had done so. I met with her and found her approach to be so holistic, touching on the physical, emotional, and perceptual issues affecting my health and wellbeing. It’s an approach I’ve never seen anyone take with my medical history. I honestly did not expect her to have answers for this broad assessment but sure enough, she had a plan. I am receiving brain function therapy for my insomnia. I am adjusted through chiropractic medicine each week. After blood tests showed imbalances, I was given a detox/supplement regimen to stabilize levels of numerous indicators which could lead to life altering health conditions.

Many MDs would not have been concerned with these levels until they reached detrimental levels but I did not want that to happen. I wanted to prevent those situations without prescription drugs. My sleeping has improved, my weight loss has accelerated and my hope for a more fulfilling second half of life has returned. I’m not there yet but Dr. C has promised to stay the course until I become the best version of me possible. I refer everyone I meet who is dealing with health issues to her. She has opened my eyes to the benefits of functional medicine. I think people are searching for health experts who will look at the big picture of their lives rather than one piece of their life apiece which results in the patient having lots of tiny pieces of information which they may not know how to make sense of alone. Dr. C took that burden off of me and made sense of it for me. – Zoe P.