She immediately had a connection with her Ava Bear.

Ever since I met Dr. Caroline she has shown a genuine love for me and my family. Just by looking at a picture on my wall in my office, Dr. Caroline was able to tell that one of my daughters had a special and unique quality about her.  Dr. Caroline has now seen Ava as her patient for almost 8 months.

She immediately had a connection with her Ava Bear. She not only has proved she is an incredible doctor in the Chiropractic field and in Brain Core Therapy, she has invested her time and love in my child and for that I am so grateful. Dr. Caroline wants to see Ava continue to grow in her confidence and blossom into the Ava Bear we know she will be.

Every time Ava walks into Dr. Caroline’s office a smile comes to her face. It is a place where Ava feels at peace, is comfortable and most importantly feels loved. We are blessed because of the relationship we have built with Dr. Caroline and look forward to many more years of growing together. Thank you Dr. C – we love you