I have never lied to Holden about anything that is going on.

So when Holden was 5 (April of last year), we noticed blood in his underwear. So we started watching his stools. He never complained of anything hurting but I just started peeking in every time he went. I noticed there was visible blood almost every time. I took him to his pediatrician who first thought it was a tear (a fissure I believe it is called) due to hard stools. Even when I explained that he didn’t have hard stool. He told me to put him on a stool softener to see if it helped.

We went back two weeks later and told the doctor nothing changed (which I knew would happen). The doctor did a physical  exam and didn’t find any tears or anything that should be causing blood. From there it was decided to test for food allergies and that he should see a specialist. The allergy test came back negative and when we went to the specialist he suspected a polyp. One polyp which is very common in children. So Holden was scheduled for a colonoscopy to check for the polyp and see if anything else was going on like Crohn’s Disease. He had his colonoscopy in August of last year.

When it was over, the doctor told me he had removed 9 polyps from Holden’s intestines. He said that anything over 5 polyps is Juvenile Polypsis Syndrome. He told me that most likely this would continue to happen the rest of his childhood and he would have to have his colon removed as a teenager because the risk of cancer is so high. We were devastated at first because the doctor seemed so sure that this was what it was and that the only treatment was what I stated above. However, when I read about it, Holden just didn’t fit that diagnosis to me. I decided that this wasn’t ok with me and rather than just wait to see if more polyps developed I was going to try everything I could to make my baby healthy.

This whole time Holden has been a trooper. I have never lied to Holden about anything that is going on. He knew there was blood so we were trying to figure out why. He knew the colonoscopy was to see inside him and remove anything that needed to come out. I decided to be proactive about his health rather than wait and see, I guess because what was happening was internal and I couldn’t see on the outside that he was sick that I wanted to do everything I could to help him.

That’s how we came to you. I had always heard good things about chiro but I had never experience it. But the idea of it made sense. Align our bodies so that it is in the best possible place to heal us and let us live to our best. When I talked to you I knew I had found the right place. Not only has the chiro done great things for Holden but the support of you and Chelsea has been wonderful. Since coming to you we have also taken a much more holistic approach to Holden’s health and everyone in the families. We took Holden off of gluten and the changes have been amazing. His color, his temperament, his appetite, everything.

I am also happy that Holden has such a great attitude about his health now. We were headed down a slippery slope of so many doctors always trying to figure out what is WRONG with him. Now we are just trying to make him the best and healthiest he can be. That is the attitude he has and that is wonderful.