Since doing BrainCore, he has gained self-awareness and calmness in attacking any challenge.

His mom, Sonja:

My son is 10 and he was diagnosed with dyslexia and ADD. He was really struggling in school and struggling in life, so we decided to try BrainCore. In the past, we tried I would say just about every ADD medicine there was including the non-stimulants which gave him tics and made him anxious. So then he was put on anti-anxiety medicine because he just couldn’t hold it together.  Eventually I decided with his doctor’s recommendation to take him off of all the meds. Nothing was working and he was getting worse, so what was the point?

After a few weeks of BrainCore, gradually things started getting better. Maxwell was less anxious. He would wake up by himself, get dressed, gather his school stuff and be ready to head out the door on time. He was different. Happy and self-sufficient. Then the school work started to change. His grades got better. But it was more than the grades. It was the ability for him to do the work on his own and feel good about it. His perspective on things that felt “really big” right now changed to everything is going to be ok and he can handle it instead of getting overwhelmed and having a melt down. He has gained the ability to gather himself, take a deep breath, start over and ask for help.

Spelling has always had a really, really hard time with spelling. He was getting twelves out of twenty-fives on his spelling tests. His scores have gone up to nineteens. I know that’s not perfect but it’s a big jump for something that will probably always be a little harder for him. Since doing BrainCore, he has gained self-awareness and calmness in attacking any challenge. I would recommend BrainCore to other parents and kids. – Maxwell G.

His teacher, Mary Ann, in an e-mail to Sonja:

Just have to brag a little about your son. I am not sure what is going on, but he has been awesome this week. He is getting his work finished, alert, persistent, constantly using his spell checker independently, etc.

I talked with him about his much improved student skills and he said he was really trying, but is now very tired at night.

I gave him a big hug and told him how proud I was of his efforts. I told him in time he won’t be so tired since it will become so automatic. Fantastic effort!!

I am not sure if you talked with him after our conversation on Friday, but he has been amazing.
I love to hear good news and thought you would too!!  Have a great night, Mary Ann.