My stress always made me impatient with people.

I decided to come here last year because I was extremely tired working very long hours, traveling a lot, feeling that I cannot sleep and gaining a lot of weight. I was extremely tired all of the time.

Even though I was not able to do all of the BrainCore sessions in the proper sequence because I was traveling so much, the first change I noticed is that I can sleep very well now. It doesn’t matter how many hours I work, generally I now sleep about six to eight hours and I feel well rested where before the most I got were three to four hours and I was a total mess in the morning. I have more energy in the morning and I don’t feel like my brain is working at night which was the problem previously.

My stress always made me impatient with people. In fact, now I am the one reaching out and calling my daughter. I don’t take things so seriously like I did previously. I think I now slow down and think about what the best choice should be and what to say rather than exploding. I don’t have less stress in life. It’s the opposite – I have more. But now I am calmer. I did not realize how impulsive I was when people were trying to attack me at meetings. I just don’t respond like I used to. I am patient. I stop what I am doing. I take the time to listen. Even my co-workers have noticed the difference.

I am still a multitasker, but not like previously. I am still a workaholic, but now I am spending time on myself which I never did before. On the weekends I take time to rest. – Laura B.