I was diagnosed with adult onset epilepsy.

We came to see Dr. Caroline to determine if there was a way to help my 26 year-old dependent daughter, Sierra, who was born with cerebral palsy, maximize any potential she has both mentally and physically. Sierra was diagnosed with cerebral palsy (micro-encephaly) at 12 months old.  I was told this was as a result me being in labor for 17 hours and her not getting enough oxygen during my regular delivery. 

Since coming to Balance Atlanta over the past six months, not only has there been a marked difference in Sierra’s alertness, vitality, mobility and digestive functions, but I too have noticed that I feel so much better after my treatments. This has been important because ten years ago, I was diagnosed with adult onset epilepsy, which was brought on by stress.  So I try to keep that at a minimum as much as possible, and seeing Dr. Caroline every week helps me to do that.   

I didn’t know much about what chiropractic services offered in terms of furthering a person’s overall health and wellness, until I met Dr. Caroline von Fluegge-Chen and became part of the Balance Atlanta family, along with my daughter, Sierra. I am now a true believer in how Dr. Caroline’s approach to balancing the mind, body and spirit can help people lead healthier, happier lives!

Dr. Caroline’s unique expertise combined with her compassionate, caring attention to not only what’s going on with each of her patients physically, but mentally, emotionally and even spiritually, is something that helps her stand head and shoulders above other practitioners, in my opinion. Thanks, Dr. Caroline for not only helping to turn on Sierra’s light, but for continuing to help me stay focused on keeping my light turned on for her too!