The Sun Does Not Stop Shining

by Caroline von Fluegge-Chen

The Sun Does Not Stop Shining

People get mad. Insurance. Spouse. Traffic. Kids. Work. Stress. Weight. Economy. Taxes. School. You name it, there’s always something to get aggravated about. What’s interesting, is the more we ruminate about what is not working, we start seeing more of what is not working. What you focus on grows. And then you get another dose of exactly what you don’t want.

As with health. Someone I know on FaceBook posts on a very, very regular basis every stage of her cold. Everyone on FB knows about her tonsils, aches, fever, chills, soup, magazines, TV shows, adenoids, cold toes. I get it – being sick is lousy and it’s easy to feel lonely. Calling out for sympathy isn’t unreasonable within limits. The  only problem is that she is so fully ensnared in her illness, that she cannot focus on creating health. The glass is full with misery so much so that there’s no room in the glass to add a few inches of optimism into the mix.

What we forget is health is always there, sometimes it gets cloudy with symptoms – your body’s way of telling you how you have been living life has not been congruent with your best interests. Rather than being angry about how cloudy life is and how your health is raining on your parade, what if we focus on the sun behind the clouds? The better questions to ask is not “What’s wrong with me, why am I not getting better?” but rather, “OK, if my body is designed to be healthy, what do I need to do to bring out more of what is working right?”

Chiropractic does not focus on chasing clouds – Ohhh, let me look at that neck, let me look at that shoulder, let me look for that ear infection. We’re not chasing symptoms. Rather, chiropractic removes the clouds (the interference in your nerve system) so that health can shine brightly as it was designed to from the minute you were conceived.

OK, so I know that sounds a little hippy dippy. Simply put, health is always there. It’s just a matter of looking beyond what you’re not happy with (overcast sky) and figuring out what it is going to take to nurture a greater state of balance from within (clarity).