Active Strategies for Active People

by Caroline von Fluegge-Chen

Active Strategies for Active People

Do you have your daily schedule fine-tuned down to the second? Do you plan and strategize ways to fit the most into your day so that you get your kids to school on time, yourself to work, the clothes to the cleaners, and maybe squeeze in lunch with a friend? Should you get stuck in traffic for more than a few minutes, it can wreak havoc on your whole day… not to mention your attitude!

It’s amazing how much time we spend on planning and structuring our daily activities and how little time we spend on planning a healthy future! We leave so much related to our health up to chance and see a doctor only when we are already sick and showing symptoms and disease. By that time we may require invasive medical treatments like drugs or surgery. How healthy do you think you would be if you paid half as much attention to being healthy as you do to planning your daily schedule? Not only would you be the picture of health, you’d probably accomplish much more with a lot less stress.

The U.S. Census Bureau is predicting that by the year 2050 an incredible 4.2 million of us will be living until we are 100 years old. That means the chances of your reaching this milestone are very real and growing! Unfortunately, most of today’s centenarians had no idea that they would live this long and are paying a heavy price for their ” If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” attitude!

Wouldn’t it be wise for you to begin planning your healthy future now? Think about the quality of life and level of activity that you want at every stage of your life and make your health a priority! How many times have you ignored the problem (a birth injury, fall on the stairs, sports injury, high stress or others) only to pay the price for them later? What was the impact that these seemingly small problems actually had on your life when they became full blown? Keep yourself healthy and don’t play this game anymore!

Courtesy Dr. Eric Plasker