It’s a lot easier to grow healthy children than it is to repair damaged adults. Health is our biggest asset when we have it and it is our biggest liability when we are ill.

Only with a foundation of well-being can we find personal and professional happiness.

Wouldn’t every parent wish for their kids to grow up becoming healthy, inspired and productive?

The future of our society depends on raising children who have the skills to create mental, emotional, social, and physical balance. Our commitment at Balance Atlanta is to educate families on the importance of living a wellness-based lifestyle that includes chiropractic care for children.

As an active member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association combined with nearly 20-years of experience adjusting kids, Dr. Caroline is the chiropractor parents entrust with the health of their entire family. In fact, a unique distinction at Balance Atlanta is that Dr. Caroline adjusts as many children as she does adults. Unlike other clinics where the limited focus is on symptoms and sickness, Dr. Caroline promotes optimal health starting from day one.

Is your child resilient enough to handle the pressure of our fast paced lifestyle?

Throughout all stages of life, a child’s nerve system and spine are subject to damage. Consider just some of the sources of stress: birth trauma from c-section, forceps, vacuum, or prolonged delivery; falling while horsing around; sports injuries; carrying heavy back packs at school; sitting in front of computers for hours; expectations to perform at peak levels academically; pressure to fit in with peers; perceiving financial and marital stress from parents; emotional isolation due to interacting with “virtual friends” while playing video games online; overstimulation from sugary, chemically enhanced junk food; having an unrealistic body image; being raised in unstable family environments; navigating awkward periods of hormonal changes and growth spurts. There has never been a need for greater neurological balance.

Fast forward: We risk creating a generation of adults battling the effects of decades of accumulated stress. Without a wellness-based approach to health, it’s just a matter of time until a child develops the same chronic health conditions that affect millions of adults. The nerve system controls motor development, learning, ability to focus, sleep, the immune system, digestion, moods and much more. It makes sense to protect it from layers of stress so that a child can function optimally throughout all stages of growth.

Children are future adults. With an emphasis on proactive wellness for children, we are reshaping our future as a society. It’s time we put an end to a life-long downward spiral of diminished health and start focusing on enhancing the body’s ability to maintain balance – starting from infancy.

Balance Atlanta attracts families who place health as their number one priority and serves those people who are willing to make that a reality.

Parents recognize the importance of a stress-free spine and nerve system as the foundation for proper mental and physical development. Because they want the best health opportunities for their kids, gentle pediatric care becomes a natural part of their preventive wellness regimen. Children love our family-friendly office and parents appreciate having kids who are consistently healthy.

Benefits of Chiropractic for Kids and Teens
  • Monitor proper spinal growth and development
  • Detect and reduce further progression of scoliosis
  • Decrease discomfort from carrying heavy back packs
  • Minimize “text neck” and “computer posture”
  • Improve flexibility, balance and coordination
  • Boost athletic performance and recovery time
  • Prevent accumulation of damage from spinal injuries, sports, poor posture
  • Decrease the effects of chronic stress due to academic and social pressures
  • Improve relaxation, sleep and focus
  • Build an awareness of mental, physical and emotional balance at an early age
  • Encourage respect for the body and a healthy self-image
  • Increase the body’s immune system capabilities
  • Enhance restorative functions: rest, digestion, repair, elimination
  • Maintain a clear neurological connection between the brain and muscles, organs and glands
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