The term “disease” means a lack of ease or harmony within the body: dis + ease = disease. To be healthy means to be in a state of ease—namely, to live with flow, balance, peace, and resilience. Women are searching for these qualities, but they often don’t know where to start looking.

The process of figuring out what’s wrong often leads to dead ends. Lab tests are apparently regular, yet you still feel lousy. Rarely do doctors take the time to empower the patient, yet they are quick to write prescriptions. Google searches, FaceBook friends, and possibly the unsolicited advice of family members become your sources of conflicting information.

So you take matters into your own hands with a willy-nilly supply of supplements and random therapies – none of which have worked so far. Even more confused, you begin to accept this is just the way it’s going to be – feeling down is normal.



Everyone seems to have an opinion based on your age and place in life. Or, it’s all in your head – you’re too stressed. Calm down is not the answer you want to hear.

  • It’s anemia most likely.
  • Your diet is all wrong.
  • That career is killing you.
  • You should sleep more.
  • Stop worrying so much.
  • You just had a baby.
  • It’s perimenopause.
  • You’re always too busy.
Dr. Caroline focuses on finding the cause of the issue by providing detailed lab testing, nutritional advice, and lifestyle coaching based on the exact needs of her patient. As a wife, mother, professional, and being in her 50s herself, she understands the needs of women who are seeking a trusted and knowledgeable advisor they can count on for answers to complex issues. We’re in this together.
What’s truly going on with your health? Let’s test your state of disease with logic and specificity. Here are examples:
  • Neurofeedback brain mapping with BrainCore Therapy to assess stress and cognitive wellness.
  • Vitamin, mineral, and amino acid deficiency tests.
  • Panels to measure thyroid, cortisol, neurotransmitter, adrenal, and cardiovascular balance
  • Evaluations for systemic inflammation, gut health, autoimmune disease, allergies, toxicity, and heavy metal poisoning.
  • Custom mind-body protocols to address the cause of the issue – naturally.

“I met with Dr. Caroline and found her approach to be so holistic – touching on the physical, emotional, and perceptual issues affecting my well-being. It’s a level of care I’ve never received anywhere before until now. I honestly did not expect her to have answers for this broad assessment but sure enough, she had a plan. My sleeping has improved, my weight loss has accelerated and my hope for a more fulfilling second half of life has returned. Dr. C has promised to stay the course until I become the best version of me possible. ” – Zoe P.

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