Jezebel Magazine – Dr. Caroline von Fluegge

Jezebel Magazine – Dr. Caroline von Fluegge

Dr. Caroline von Fluegge – One of 15 Who’s Who of Medical Professionals to Watch. Read the article Dr. C wrote about Communication Deficit Disorder.

Does this sound familiar? With glazed eyes, your kids are hooked on computer games. Impatiently, they channel surf mind-numbing TV shows with reckless abandon. Rapid-fire texting punctuates every spare moment. Efforts to interact are met with indifference or bursts of short-tempered aggravation. “Are we raising robots or children?”  You begin to wonder.

Gadgets meant to enhance learning are now ruining children’s abilities to communicate, process information, develop creativity and handle stress. The associated sedentary lifestyle leads to obesity, insomnia, depression and other costly health issues. Will their academic achievement, earning potential, personal happiness and overall well-being be hindered as adults due to Communication Deficit Disorder (CDD) caused by electronic overstimulation?

This issue does not sit well with Dr. Caroline von Fluegge, founder of Balance Atlanta Family Chiropractic in Buckhead, writer and television personality.

“The future of our society depends on the health of our children,” she says. With 20 years of expertise in neurology, biomechanics, nutrition, stress management, and sport performance, she creates comprehensive programs for individuals of all ages to improve mental acuity, physical stamina and emotional balance.

“Let’s be smart about health,” she continues. “Instead of masking symptoms, find and correct the cause of the problem. Deliver results with technical certainty. Educate and empower. Show compassion and respect. Relax, smile, and always strive to make a difference.”

With that uplifting attitude, “Dr. C” has earned the loyal following of clients ranging from pregnant moms, executives, teens, pro athletes to A-list celebs in the music and film industries.” Balance Atlanta is about designing a scientifically sound and practical action plan to enhance your quality of life, “she asserts. “I attract patients who make their family’s health their No. 1 priority.”  

Jezebel Magzine – October 2010