Extreme mood swings. fatigue, depression, and frightening night terrors.

My 9 year old daughter had been experiencing extreme mood swings. fatigue, depression, and frightening night terrors since around her 6th birthday. We figured it was “normal”. Something that just happened to some kids during development. But when the painful daily headaches kicked in and didn’t stop after almost 6 weeks, I knew it was time to take action.

We took her to all kinds of doctors – pediatricians, ENTs, psychologists, nutritionists, psychiatrists – no one was able to help. They attributed the symptoms to food allergies, lack of sleep, stress, genes, big tonsils, you name it. But the only solutions they offered were pills, surgery, and diet changes that were completely unrealistic.

After just 3 short months of chiropractic treatment, lab testing, nutrition overhaul, and BrainCore Therapy with Dr. Caroline – ALL of the symptoms disappeared. No more headaches. No more mood swings. No more night terrors. Our daughter’s physical, mental, and emotional states have made a complete 180. Thanks to Dr. C – we have our baby back!!